Daily Verse a short verse (almost) every day

Do Some Good Today

There’s a mantra I can tell you:
do some good today.

The world can be a tough, bitter place:
divided by hate, united in fear.
Do not lose hope, do not give up.
Hard times bring out the best in some.

Look for the generous, the benevolent, the kind,
they’re there, right in front of you.
For every man filled with rage, there are a dozen
full of humor, and courage, and love.

If you raise your voice,
use it for peace and unity.
If you raise your hand,
use it to help and heal.

The good outnumber the bad.
Always have, always will.
Doing bad is easy, doing good is better.
A little good can go a long way.

Before every action, ask yourself:
will this hurt or will this heal?
Will it benefit or will it bereave?
Whom does it help, who pays the price?

Your good is only a drop in the ocean,
but good news: the oceans are rising.
In the face of hate, of rage, of nature:
say no. Refuse to participate.

Only do good. Do the most good you can.
Do whatever little good you can manage.
There is enough fire and fury already.
We do not need to make matters worse.

Will you not join me,
and do some good today?


A lifetime is forever,
the longest time you’ll see.
From birth till death, a journey long,
everything you’ll ever be.

You can’t promise beyond your power,
at death it comes to end.
The lives of those around you
only the living can influence.

Forever is not an unfair term,
it reaches from aught to nought.
Limited only to s/he who says it,
constrained only by thought.

I do what I can with what I have,
and I will give you that in my power.
A fact of life, plain as day:
I’ll love you for forever.


I protected you from poverty,
from the inadequacies of life.

I protected you from loneliness,
my love ever at your side.

I protected you from boredom,
an adventure always planned.

I protected you from danger,
your presence never unmanned.

In a moment of vulnerability,
of pain and anger and fear,

I struck you in my rage,
blinding and severe.

A lifetime of protection, in a moment lost:
dismissed, brushed aside.

I couldn’t protect you from myself,
and for that I’ll be crucified.


I seek beauty in form, flavor, and feeling.
Bellydance and French Toast and wet pottery wheeling.

A daily dose of beauty quenches thirst like water.
And it must be beautiful, not just cooler or hotter.

If you’re not adding beauty, why are you even here?
There’s ugliness enough already, I’d rather steer clear.

I may never find happiness or relief from this pain,
but in the end if I find beauty I’ll be right as rain.

Clumsy Dancer

I thought you knew how to dance,
that you had dabbled in romance.

But you pulled on my skirt and stepped on my toe.
Your moves are clumsy, your intention shallow.

I did not enjoy this dance, and got nothing out of it.
Perhaps it taught you something, and you’ll be a better fit.

But I’m cutting my losses and moving on
to dance with a better partner to a better song.